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Since 1919, we have not only fabricated and erected our own tank designs, but have also cut down, moved and re-erected thousands of tanks that were originally installed by other tank manufacturers. This broad experience places us in a unique position whereby we can now handle the repair and maintenance of virutually any tank facility on a routine or emergency basis, without interrupting service.

Pittsburg's staff of licensed professionals have long tenures in the ground storage tank manufacturing industry. Each is trained in the perparation of designs and drawings that will meet and exceed your individual requirements, in addition to complying with all applicable standards and codes (industry, federal, state and local). When required, all designs and drawings prepared by our staff will be signed by a professional engineer. Among our many accomplishments is membership on the NFPA-22, 326, and 329 technical committees.

Million gallon tank moved on air. This tank was moved 1200 feet in one day.



Relocation & DemolitionGo To Top

Relocating a tank or tanks within a system to alter performance is proven to be a cost-effective alternative to new tank construction. The resulting systems experience no compromise in specified performance. Many engineers are “repeat customers” of Pittsburg’s move and re-erect operations. Your project may be right for a move and re-erect program. Ask Pittsburg to review the possibility.

When an owner determines they no longer need their tank and require it be dismantled and removed, Pittsburg Tank has experienced demolition crews available to provide this service.


We are capable of safely demolishing, disposing of scrap and site cleanup. All of this will be done to the customer’s satisfaction. Pittsburg’s crews have safely performed tank demolitions since 1919.


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      Demolition                   Demolition                 Demolition


Raising, Lowering & Modifying Existing TanksGo To Top


Pittsburg is the proven industry leader in tank elevation modifications. A changed elevation or capacity requirement caused by growing usage requirements, system reconfigurations or other causes does not always require new tank design and construction. Pittsburg has saved municipalities and industrial customers millions of dollars over the years by raising or lowering tank elevations, rather than supplying a new tank. All work is performed to applicable standards and codes. The resulting storage tank performs to the new specifications without compromise, Modification is a fraction of new construction time, and the savings to the final owners can be tremendous.

Raising and lowering tanks is not limited to size and elevation. A 3,000,000 gallon standpipe was raised 20’ recently to match existing pressure zones. The greater elevation increased the tank capacity by 500,000 gallons. Raising or lowering a tank by 20 to 50 feet is common.

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Inspection Maintenance & Code Updates Go To Top


All tanks will eventually require maintenance. Some will need minor repairs while others will require more extensive alterations and reconditioning. 
To be assured your tank(s) are in safe and productive working order and in compliance with the latest Federal, State, local and industry safety and environmental regulations and codes, allow Pittsburg Tank to inspect and advise you of your tank(s) condition.


Pittsburg’s staff of qualified inspectors and experienced employees will perform tank inspections and maintenance that will help keep your tank(s) performing properly.


To suit tank owner’s operational needs, inspections can be performed while the tanks are either in-service (robotic inspection) or out-of-service. After the inspections are completed, a written inspection report is furnished that includes a detailed component evaluation, photographs, recommendations of needed repairs, code updates, and a detailed cost estimate, for your consideration.


Examples of maintenance needed, as a result of our inspection of your tank(s) is:

  • Shell, roof, and floor/bottom repairs or replacements
  • Roof structural repair or replacement
  • Nozzle or manway repairs, relocation or replacement
  • Repair of defective welds
  • Bottom annular rings
  • Double bottoms
  • Secondary containment
  • Leak detection system repair or installation
  • Cathodic protection repair or installation
  • Tank demolition
  • Foundation repair and/or modification
  • Special equipment installation
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Testing

Call On Experience

Pittsburg Tank has the experienced staff, qualified employees and fabrication/erection capabilities to handle all maintenance requirements needed to return your tank(s) to safe and productive operation. Call on us “today” for help.

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Code Updates
Storage tanks must meet a number of standards and codes to be in compliance. These codes are constantly being revised and updated.

Some of these include: 

  • AWWA (American Water Works Association)
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)
  • FM (Factory Mutual Global)
  • IRI (International Risk Institute)
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
  • SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings)
  • NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)

We deal with these standards and codes every day and even assist with revisions and updates. Let us help keep you up-to-date by appraising your tank(s) and advising you of any needed updates that may be required, such as:

  • Second Shell Manways
  • Handrail Height Requirements
  • Additional Roof Openings
  • Fall Protection Devices
  • Adequate Ladders
  • Ladder Gates
  • Roof Vents
  • Vacuum Pressure Frost Proof Vents
  • Lightening Protection
  • Batwing and Circumference Handrail
  • Windage Rod Adjustments
  • Fuel Tank Calibration
  • Structural Analysis
  • Antenna Co-Mounts
Just to name a few.

Seismic (Earthquake Code)
Many tanks do not meet current earthquake code requirements. Pittsburg can identify any deficiencies your tank(s) may have and perform required seismic modifications.

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Maintenance Contracts & Extended Warranty Go To Top



Pittsburg will customize a maintenance program to meet your exact requirements – taking into account the age of your tank(s) and the maintenance history.


Your organization takes care of one scheduled, budgeted expense per year. Pittsburg takes care of your tank(s).



  • Eliminate unexpected and large “lump sum” expenditures.
  • Assure owners that their tank(s) will actually appreciate in value, rather than depreciate over time.
  • Assure that the tank(s) will always be aesthetically appealing to the community.
  • For municipal water tanks, assure that the tank(s) will be properly cleaned and disinfected on the interior to assure ongoing safe, sanitary conditions


  • Puts the responsibility for all maintenance in the hands of a company that has been in business sense 1919 and who is one of the Nation’s leading designers, fabricators and erectors of storage tanks.
  • Takes all the guess work out of maintaining your tank(s).
  • Directly cuts or eliminates engineer service costs.
  • Eliminates Owner, Employee, and Management man-hours associated with tank projects.
  • Provides balanced expenditures for all needed tank(s) maintenance services.
  • Provides Owners/Managers the peace of mind that one of their most expensive pieces of equipment is being taken care of in the most economical manner..


  • All cost associated with the maintenance and upkeep of the tank(s) from the effective date of the contract
  • All cost associated with interior and exterior cleaning and painting
  • All cost associated with interior and exterior repairs
  • All cost associated with logo and art work including selection of finish colors on owners tank(s)
  • All cost to assure owners tank(s) is/are sound, water-tight, sanitary, and in proper working order.
  • All cost associated with locking and securing owners tank(s)
  • All cost associated with annual washout, inspection, touchup of coatings and disinfection of owners tank(s) interior and annual inspection and coatings touchup of tank(s) exterior
  • All cost associated with any required emergency services required during the term of the contract
  • Total compliance with Board of Health requirements
  • All cost associated with repairing damage caused by vandals and terrorists
  • Removal/demolition of your tank(s) when no longer needed
Special ProjectsGo To Top

With several hundred years of combined experience, our innovative special projects team is set to handle the most technical and sometimes most unusual tank projects.  Our special project team has worked under tight time frames during emergency tank relocations, developing cost effective alternatives to total tank replacements such as container enlargement or container replacement, and converting unused water towers to other applications such as "drop towers" for customer product testing. What ever your tank project may consist of, no mater how outside the box it may seem, call our Special Project team for practical solutions.

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ExportsGo To Top

With the ability to design, fabricate and ready for shipment to anywhere in the world, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Company provides support for its overseas client base.  All of the products offered by PT&T in the USA can be containerized for export. We have provided this service to our customers located in Iraq, Africa, Canada, Guam, Iceland, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Portugal, UAE, and many other areas throughout the industrialized World.

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Service FleetGo To Top

PTT is proud to be considered the most responsive tank company in the USA.  Our Service Fleet is equipped for immediate response to handle emergency work of all types.  Our experienced service crews are equipped with reliable transportation, tools and the most modern equipment available to provide the immediate mobilization for all projects large and small.  We understand the importance of the customers needs and take pride in the fact that our customers can reach a person with the authority to take action 365 days a year.



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